Our Story

About the Founders

Melahayz was founded by two sisters, Annaleise and Camalee who started Melahayz out of a need for their own hair and skincare junkie lifestyle where they would try new products every month just to find the ones that satisfied their hair and skin needs. For them, this took years because companies would either change their formula, or some products would work better in certain temperatures. It was also a case where each sister had their own different hair and skin concerns so this became their norm.

Later on, they started to find products that worked but they found that a number of those products were from small and medium sized businesses and any person knows when they find their go to beauty brand they stick with it. 

Then COVID happened, and they saw the impact it was having on small and medium sized businesses and they wanted to take action but could not figure out the solution. So they took a survey out to the public and asked the community what is the number one reason they don't support small and medium sized business and a lot of the feedback was that they did not know their options. And that is how Melahayz was born.

Melahayz is a personalized curated service that showcases high-quality hair, beauty and self-care products from mostly small and medium sized businesses. 

Our Mission

Our mission is simple here at Melahayz: to create a place to support more small and medium sized businesses in the health and beauty space. At the same time, we want our brand to allow people to feel beautiful and understand that their imperfections are what makes them perfect and embrace them. We eliminate the barriers that prevent you from supporting small and medium sized businesses.

We want the whole world to know that their next favourite hair and/or beauty product could be from a small and/or medium size business. We work hard to research and curate hair, skin and self-care products from a small and/or medium size business so you can radiate in your beauty and know how much you are appreciated and the difference you made in one business’ life.